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Fred is one of our older cats at the sanctuary. He had a bad infection when he was rescued by followers that fed him and they brought him to the vet. But they couldn’t take him home and since then he’s living at the Arc where Charli made sure he got his meds and recovery care after his surgery.

He’s been our resident security guard at the sanctuary for the last three years and has protected so many of my cats from strays. Unfortunately having this job has put him at risk of catching FIV, a disease cats can transfer via bite wounds. Luckily he’s really good with all the cats here so he can’t transfer it to any of them but his health needs more one on one care now that he has this disease.

Cats can live a long happy life with this disease. They just need a little extra care and attention and I really feel he can’t get that here at the sanctuary while still feeling the need to protect everyone

Update 14/01/23:
He’s been struggling a lot lately with his FIV. He doesn’t really want to be around the other cats as he’s feeling crappy and just wants human attention and warmth.
He’s not a young cat but also not an old boy, his age is unknown. He would love a home with no other animals, preferably indoor so he doesn’t spread FIV to any neighbouring cats. So if you have a warm cosy flat that you’d like to fill with some kitty love Fred’s your guy! He’s the best snuggler and would be such an incredible friend to someone