Hi, I’m Charli! In 2019 I moved from London to Greece with all my animals to open The Arc. It was always a dream of mine to do so, and the right time: my dogs were being impacted by London’s Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and this move freed them from that.

I am currently a one-woman operation, accepting assistance through on-site volunteers that can offer help by cleaning and playing with the animals. I also have a small volunteer executive that assists with the business side of things such as this website. 

To see what our day-to-day activities look like, please check us out on Instagram and give a Follow!

The Dodo made a video about our move! Click here to see it!

The Arc Animal Sanctuary’s Executive Board of Directors

Founder, President & CEO – Charlotte (Charli) Sotiriou: Charli is the heart behind The Arc! Without her, hundreds of Greek animals would remain sick, homeless, and unloved. Charli lives and breathes animal rescue and her volunteers support her wholeheartedly!

VP, People & CommunicationsDana Nairn: Based in Saskatchewan, Canada and the Godparent to Dobby, Dana is an HR Technical Project Manager. Growing up loving cats, “The Arc TV” became an immediate addiction when she found Charli’s stories on Instagram. Dana uses her experience in human resources, communications and social media to support various Arc initiatives.

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Director, Brand Marketing & Adoption LogisticsEmma Magnusson: Taking up residence in an old courthouse in the Swedish countryside with plans to renovate, Emma is a true animal-lover; she studied dog psychology/behaviour and house pet care (rodents, birds, reptiles, and aquatic animals) in university! She’s an ideas girl and loves sharing them with the rest of the Volunteer Squad. After watching Charli’s original Dodo video a few years ago, Emma offered to create an Arc website; the rest of that is history, as you can see!

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VP, Finance and FundraisingKali Smithson: Based in Idaho, USA, Kali is an IT Technical Program Management Consultant. She found Charli through ‘The Dodo’ videos on Facebook and couldn’t get enough of her story. Charli’s heart and mission is the reason Kali had to get more involved. Kali uses her experience in accounting and finance to support The Arc‘s economic endeavors.

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VP, Medical Services – Shakira Free Miles

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