Marley’s Sponsors: Ditte Olsen
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The beautiful Marley was dumped at a dog hotel in North London when he was about 12 months old and was at risk of being terminated by the dog warden for being a pitbull. The incredible hotel hid him every time they came around inspecting dogs for possible pitbull types. 

After a few months he was bouncing off the walls and had a bit of kennel guarding problems, so they contacted me to foster him. Little did I know that a foster dog would be my forever dog and it would be because of him and another one of my babies that I changed my life and moved to Greece, due to the law that discriminated against dogs that look like him. Marley was seized by the police for a year based on the way he looks…

Tattooed, muzzled and given back to me under the conditions that he never runs free and always wears a muzzle even in the car. This is why we move to Greece where there are no such discriminatory laws!