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Mr. Fox was found just after Christmas. Both of Foxy’s eyes were infected badly, so as you can see, he lost them. Charli believes Mr. Fox was born blind, so although losing your sight could be traumatic, he has gotten along famously without it.

His sister Peaches, was found two months after Mr Fox. With thousands of cats living on the island of Lefkada, it’s impossible (without an expensive DNA test) to know if Mr Fox and Peaches are true siblings, but they easily could be!

Pictures of Mr Fox and Peaches when they came to the sanctuary

So many things that are so special about this boy, he really is a Super Cat!
His senses are so incredibly heightened he can catch flies, follow you anywhere and climb like a normal cat. His only weakness is loud continuous noises which are understandable as his ears are his eyes!

He’s turned out to be such a loving cat and takes care of all the new cats and kittens that come into the sanctuary, he takes them under his wing and shows them love and kindness. It’s just so beautiful to see, he’s like the glue that holds all of us together.